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White Fillings in Bawtry, Doncaster

White Composite Fillings

The days of silver amalgam fillings being the only option are a thing of the past.  White composite fillings give our patients the natural look they want, with the longevity they need.

What is Composite?

Dental composite is made from acrylic resin which is skilfully moulded to create whatever tooth shape is desired. Being a paste-like substance the material can be manipulated and is finally hardened via a special composite curing light. The result is a perfectly colour matched filling that looks like the original tooth.

What happens during my filling procedure?

If the procedure requires a local anaesthetic (not all procedures do), we will first numb the area using a local anaesthetic. The tooth surface where the composite will be applied is thoroughly cleaned to remove any decay or plaque accumulation, as the composite needs a clean surface to bond to. Once the correct shade of composite has been selected by your dentist, the tooth is kept dry by surrounding it with cotton rolls or a special sheet (rubber dam), and then shaped by the dentist using special instruments.

The surface of the tooth is then etched with a special phosphoric-acid-based gel, which provides a better surface for the composite to adhere to. The composite is then applied to the etched tooth surface and exposed to a special light source (curing light), which causes the composite to harden and set. The composite is often applied to the tooth in several thin layers (1mm-2 mm) until the desired shape, shade, translucency and texture is achieved. The final step involves polishing and buffing the composite to give the desired final appearance.

What is the process?

Press play below to see a short video on the procedure for white composite fillings.

There are many advantages to having composite white fillings over amalgam silver fillings:

  • Less drilling is often required in the overall treatment of a tooth
  • Most fillings can be placed and polished in one single session
  • Suitable for small cavities where treatment can be rapid
  • Laboratory work is often not required
  • Teeth can be restored to their natural shade and appearance
ADVICE – Composite white fillings are now seen as the filling material of choice for most dentists.

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