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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more frequently asked questions at our clinic.

How do I choose a Cosmetic Dentist?

The first question you should ask is what kind of training has the dentist had. Dr. Khaliq has trained in some of the  most recognised institutions in the UK, is a member of the AACD and has built up a reputation with his patients as a dentist who listens and delivers. Not all dentists are dedicated to the art and science of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Khaliq has a great passion for his work.

I'm scared of going to the dentist, what should I do?

Dr. Khaliq has the adequate skill set to provide fear-free dental extractions, and with his knowledge and calm manner patient’s can relax during any procedure. In addition, we offer Conscious-Sedation, which is a mild sedative to relax even the most anxious of patients. We are fully knowledgeable and experienced in undetaking a wide variety of complex oral surgery procedures.  

I don't know if I need Veneers, Implants, or something else?

Dr. Khaliq offers a £25 initial consultation in which he will discuss every issue that you may have, and work out a strategy for your treatment, to give you the best smile possible.

What side-effects will I get from Teeth Whitening?

We take extra precautions during any teeth whitening process, and as such we use a protective shield (as is normal procedure) to prevent your gum from getting damaged.  Apart from this there is occasionally some mild tooth sensitivity that wears off after a few days.

Why should I choose a private clinic over the NHS?

Dr. Khaliq provides a high quality service that is personalised to you and can achieve everything you want to achieve cosmetically with regards to your teeth and smile. Our aim is not a one-size fits all approach – rather, our aim is to take care, give extra attention, and treat each patient as an individual.  Our consultations, in most cases are free, and we pride ourselves in being able to to offer value as well as attention to detail.

I'm worried the dentist will take more and more of my natural teeth away, is this the case?

With advances in Dentistry, and our own approach, we believe that as much healthy tooth structure should be preserved throughout your mouth wherever possible. To enhance your smile, we use a variety of conservative techniques such as using bonded composite materials and minimal preparation of the tooth. Despite being a Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Khaliq believes in natural methods in all aspects of Cosmetic Dentistry, and one of the main ways to get a great result is to preserve healthy tooth structure.