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Fear Free Dental Extraction

Fear Free Dental Extraction

Patients often fear the removal of a tooth, as it appears as one of the more frightening aspects of visiting the dentist. We pride ourselves in offering fear free dental extractions so patients feel at ease. 

Extracting a tooth is actually the last preferred option for any good dentist but occasionally it can be required to guard the mouth from further damage from tooth decay, gum disease, badly positioned teeth or troublesome wisdom teeth. Dr. Khaliq has extensive knowledge in tooth extractions from every area in the mouth and will explain your entire procedure during your initial consultation.

Dental phobias are quite common with patients, and coming to the dentist puts a lot of people off from having treatment they need. At Bawtry Dental Clinic we will talk about any phobias you may have well before any treatment, and talk about ways to make your treatment pain and stress-free.

Dental Extractions should be a pain-free experience, and we will make sure appropriate precautions are taken place to allay any fears you may have.

Extractions can be be split into two kinds – simple or complex extraction.

  • Simple Extraction – This is where we use a tool called an “elevator” to lift up the tooth from around the gum, and use forceps to actually remove the tooth. This is performed on teeth that are visible and easy to remove.
  • Complex Extraction – This is where a tooth may have not come out yet (such as wisdom teeth) or where the tooth has broken off at the gum line. A small incision is made sometimes to find the outlines of the tooth to make it easier for extraction.

What will I feel?

Dr. Khaliq will ensure that you feel at ease and experience no pain (as we will be using instruments to remove teeth that may be very strongly placed in your gum and jaw). Remember, it is perfectly safe to remove a tooth, as nature has placed the tooth inside the jaw, but can be removed without harming other areas of the mouth if performed correctly.

You will be given a local anaesthetic to make the area totally numb so you feel nothing. This will help with any dental phobias you may have during the procedure.  We also offer a conscious-sedation for extremely anxious patients. Please call us for a free consultation.

ADVICE – If you have any special requirements, please let us know beforehand.

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