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Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is when the pulp, containing the nerve and blood supply of the tooth, is removed using small files under high magnification and a rubber filling is packed inside, providing a barrier stopping any bacteria entering the root canal system.

Treatment of an infected pulp usually requires a root canal treatment and must be performed by a fully trained dentist as it can become a complex procedure. Dr. Khaliq has extensive experience with this particular procedure, and ensures your root canal treatment goes painlessly.

If a root canal is not performed correctly, the procedure may have to be repeated which can cause further issues. Bawtry Dental Aesthetic & Implant Clinic gives you total peace of mind as we are highly skilled in root canal treatments and have successfully treated many patients.

Root canal process

Depending on the treatment required, a root canal may be performed in one or two stages.

The treatment is designed to stop the spread of infection and save the tooth.

Generally, we perform root canals the following way:

  • The pulp and any remaining decay is removed
  • The walls of the canal are smoothed out and shaped
  • The canal is disinfected
  • An antibiotic paste is applied inside the canal
  • A temporary filling is placed

We usually leave the tooth to settle down and will revisit it at a later date to remove the temporary filling and place the permanent material (a special rubber) inside. The tooth is then capped and sealed.

Why Bawtry Dental Clinic?

A root canal treatment can become a complex procedure as we have to eliminate bacteria within the canal, whilst reducing the potential for moisture to get anywhere near the area being treated,ensuring the tooth is preserved through a proper filling technique.  Dr. Khaliq has performed many root canal treatments for a range of patients with different dental issues, this has prevented the loss of these teeth. His expertise in undertaking this type of  treatment gives you total peace of mind and more importantly allows you to experience painless root canal treatments.

ADVICE – This treatment can save your tooth but requires careful and well planned procedures.

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