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Tooth Whitening Doncaster

A Naturally Bright Smile

Tooth whitening is the perfect solution for stained teeth that have been discoloured from fizzy drinks, food, tea, coffees and red wine. Get natural looking white teeth and a smile that really shines!

Tooth Whitening

Over time our teeth gradually change colour and begin to appear dull and lifeless. Tooth whitening is a great way to change the colour of your teeth without removing any natural tooth structure.

Tooth whitening involves applying a custom whitening tray to your teeth (this is very small and discreet!). The whitening agent then absorbs through into your teeth via a chemical reaction drawing out the stains from within your teeth.

We will assess the colour of your teeth, and advise you on the most appropriate tooth whitening formula, depending on the results you want, and how quickly you want them! We recommend using Enlighten tooth whitening products as they guarantee the B1 Shade that most patients want. (B1 is the lightest shade on a dentists standard whitening colour chart).

Bawtry Dental clinic is a specialist tooth whitening clinic in doncaster offering tooth whitening services to rotherham, barnsley, bawtry and doncaster areas.

Enlighten Tooth Whitening

Englighten whitening has been called the biggest breakthrough in tooth whitening systems in the past 15 years. Guaranteeing Vita B1 shade, and offering a natural bright white smile that surpasses most other treatments.

Enlighten uses super-sealed trays that are created by taking impressions of your teeth, sent off to a lab, and moulded trays are given to you to be used for bleaching.

The whitening process on average, only takes 14 days (wearing the tray nightly).

So why Enlighten over other treatments?

  • Offers a superior quality teeth whitening system
  • The concentration is 1/4 that of other cheaper alternatives resulting in reduced sensitivity
  • Results will continue to last as long as the trays are worn for 6 nights in a year
  • Is trusted by TV Celebrities and personalities as the standard for teeth whitening

Home Kits

We also offer home kits to all our patients which is a lower cost alternative, but in the first instance we do recommend having treatment with us so we can inform you of potential outcomes and correct procedures.

ADVICE – Care of your teeth in the long term will make your teeth whitening treatment last longer.

For further information on Teeth Whitening and to book your appointment come and visit us at our tooth whitening clinic in doncaster.

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