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Dental Sedation in Doncaster

dental sedation in doncaster

Dental Sedation in Doncaster

Do you feel nervous having dental treatment? Do you get anxious and get panic attacks at the thought of a dentist working on your teeth. This is called Dental Phobia. We are able to offer our patients dental sedation in doncaster and the surrounding areas.

dental sedation in doncaster

Dental Sedation Doncaster

Help is at hand! Don’t worry if you have dental phobia, we are trained make your experience at bawtry dental completely pain-free.

Dental sedation is one of our most widely used methods of dealing with dental phobia.

We have three types of sedation available at our clinic:

  • Inhalation Sedation – Through nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) that is administered through a mask over your nose.  We can control the level of sedation depending  on how anxious you are feeling.
  • Oral sedation – often taken the night before your visit to relieve any anxiety and to help you get a good nights sleep!
  • IV Sedation – Usually by the use of Midazolam and administered through a small cannula placed in the back of your hand or your arm. Iv sedation also causes short term amnesia, so you will have little or no relocation of the dental procedure itself..

dental sedation in doncaster

You don’t need to sit and suffer with tooth problems because of dental phobia. 

If you are searching for a dental sedation we have the necessary skills and sedation techniques available to all our patients. Our professional attitude to your pain management is why we are recommended across Doncaster.

Dr Ihsan Khaliq is your principle dentist, and will explain everything you need to know about your sedation, give you a kind and caring approach to your teeth so you feel completely at ease.

For patients looking for dental sedation in doncaster and need a qualified practicing dentist, our clinic is the right place to start your treatment.

We are a caring private dentist

If you are worried about your dental treatment, sometimes a private dentist such as our clinic can be the perfect solution. So why do people choose us?

  • We actually care about your teeth!
  • We want you to leave with a smile on your face
  • We offer dental sedation to offer a pain free experience
  • We will provide you with a caring friendly experience from our Principle Dentist (Dr. Khaliq)

If you are interested in having a consultation with us (Free of charge!) please contact us right away.

Contacting us for your emergency dental care

You do not need to be registered with us and we can also make arrangements to see you on a weekend if the emergency is serious. If you are looking for dental sedation in doncaster contact us today.

Our main aim is to give you a pain free experience that will give you reassurance when coming to the dentist.


Call 01302 719201 or click here to get started!

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