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Smile Makeover in Bawtry Doncaster

A total transformation for your smile

Over 76% of people are not happy with their smile in photographs, with psychologists all agreeing that having the confidence to smile can help in many situations. Thats where we can help with the Total Smile Makeover from Bawtry!

Have you ever seen celebrities with beautiful smiles, or seen someone you know with an incredible smile and always wanted to know how they got that special look? It is through multiple treatments, also known as ‘Smile Makeovers’.

What are Smile Makeovers?

Put simply, a Smile Makeover is a process designed to change your smile through multple treatments. We decide at an initial consultation what treatments will be appropriate for you and book you in for each treatment to give you the smile you deserve.

We will assess what situation your teeth are in now, and find out what kind of smile you wish to achieve. This will then allow us to make a balanced mutual decision on which treatments will be most appropriate.

What kind of treatment will I be offered?

We are experts in offering a range of treatments to our Total Smile patients. Depending on the assessment of  your teeth you will be offered the following treatments (The price of final treatment will vary on the treatment undertaken:

  • Dental Implants – Offering a new complete tooth to replace missing or broken teeth
  • Crowns – A porcelain ‘cap’ covering your tooth
  • Bridges – Restoring the gaps between teeth with a porcelain mould shaped to your teeth
  • Veneers – A porcelain covering over the front of your teeth, designed to change the appearance, colour, and position of your teeth
  • Teeth Straightening – Through Invisalign or other methods
  • Teeth Whitening – Our B1 Vita Teeth Whitening system

We will never undertake any treatment you do not require.

ADVICE – Dr. Khaliq is a trained dentistry professional with expert knowledge in makeovers.

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